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Automatically opening and retracting front legs and strong counterbalancing springs, make for safe and easy operation, even for the young, the old and many handicapped customers.

The wall bed comes complete with flexible rubber bedding retaining strap(s). These are permanently attached to the head end and are simply stretched across when the bed has been made in the morning and hooked on to the foot end, to hold the mattress and all the bedding - including the pillows - securely in place when the bed is folded away. Because the bed is counter-balanced, it must be fixed to the floor.

To complement our wall beds, we offer a choice of medium or firm, 8ins. deep, De Luxe interior sprung mattresses and (in London and the Home Counties only) our 'Studio Range' of cupboard surrounds, matching wardrobes, shelving units, work tops, etc.

Our vertical walllbeds are by far the most popular type of wall bed we supply, as they lend themselves particularly well to incorporation into cabinets (with independent doors), alcoves and recesses and can be used with sheets and blankets, duvets, valances, bedspreads and (wall-mounted) headboards.

The ‘Wiskaway’ Victor ‘Vertical’ De Luxe is available in a range of standard and made-to-measure single and double sizes and in two parts for when access is restricted (see 8 & 9 above and the King & Keys Pub case study) and is the culmination of over 25 years’ experience in designing and supplying wall beds for the UK market. Its heavy-duty construction makes it ideal for even the most gruelling applications, including rented accommodation, hotels, or hostels.

Special features include a super-strong, heavy-duty, welded steel frame for durability and a unique pre-tensioned, firm, woven-steel mesh base which is guaranteed never to sag and allows air to circulate freely around the mattress and bedding, even when the bed is folded away.

The 'Wiskaway'® Victor 'Vertical' De Luxe Wallbed

Click on the arrows or numbers above to see pictures (1-5), sizes (6-9), colours (10), dimensions (11) and assembly diagram (12) for our 'Wiskaway' Victor 'Vertical' De Luxe.

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